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Tuesday, June 07, 2016
The Fall Up
 The Fall Up #1
Aly Martinez

Wow. Just...wow. 

By all appearances Levee Williams is living the life everybody wants to have. She is the #1 popstar, adored by her fans and rich. What she doesn't have is happiness. Every night she goes up to the Golden Gate Bridge, brooding over her past, always having that last, final step in the back of her mind. One of those nights she meets a stranger who seems to be a kindred spirit, harboring a dark that resembles hers. But he also makes her laugh and calms her restless mind.

“I’m not perfect, and I’d like to pretend you aren’t, either.”

Sam Rivers has his own demons to wrestle. His life isn't awful by all means, it's just...average. Nothing seems to inspire and wow him any longer. One night when he goes up the bridge for a smoke and to reflect on his life he sees this young woman who seems distraught. Sam fears for the young woman's life and reaches out to her.

I slid a hand down the rail to cover hers.
It was a simple gesture, but it was easily the greatest decision I’d ever made.
That one touch destroyed a wall.
I wasn’t even sure whose wall it had been to begin with— hers or mine. But I would have spent my entire life tearing it down if I could have only predicted what was on the other side.

He goes up the bridge every night hoping she would be there and to offer her comfort without expecting anything in return. Every night they become closer until Levee starts to see light in her darkness.

Sam is awesome, that's what he is. He is this tattooed, handsome and thoughtful guy you can laugh with and have a deep conversation, all at the same time. He gives it to Levee straight - that's when his alpha tendencies make an appearance - doesn't sugar-coat things and grounds her, when she starts to loose her footing. He is sensitive and reacts to Levee's mood and is by her side every step of the way when she struggles. The little things he does for her to make her happy are simply amazing. He's endearing, absolutely wonderful and has officially made my favorite heroes list.

“There isn’t a woman in the world who doesn’t have demons of some sort. No matter who I end up with, it’s always going to be a struggle…..Levee, I’d like to struggle with you.” 

Levee is sweet, caring and truly brave. Her kind heart is what makes her most vulnerable. She has a quick wit, lots of snark and is down to earth for being a major celebrity. She's also a bit of a runner but Sam doesn't let her run. He makes her face her demons and gives her the strength to fight them. I loved how she was with Sam.

 Aly Martinez has woven a truly beautiful tale with amazing and complex main characters and endearing secondaries. Henry was absolutely hilarious and I'm looking forward to reading his story. Sam's family and friends were such a hoot. The author handles a very serious topic with a lot of tact and sensitivity. At no time I felt the story drifted off into angst-land, despite the really heart wrenching emotions. Even after closing this book I still have Levee and Sam in my heart.

The writing style is as excellent and has a very pleasant flow, the dialogues are witty and had me laughing out loud throughout the book.

”What single guy keeps a house this neat? I gasped. “Oh, my God, you’re married?”

“Shh! You’ll wake up my wife,” he replied, touching his lips to my temple. “Don’t worry. She’s okay with you being here. You were on the top of my celebrity sexception list.” 

I will leave Sam and Levee with the feeling that they are in a good place. They definitely touched my heart.

I knew, from the depths of my soul, that Sam was the rest of my life. Everything else would fall into place. We'd fall up together.

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